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Wind Turbines


Creative solutions to engage with your community

How can we contribute in a meaningful way to our community, while adding value to our product and services?   How can we engage a diverse community of individuals with different needs, aspirations and lifestyles?  How can we use new technologies to engage different audiences and educate people about our product or services?  How can we transition to a circular economy while adding value to our organisation?

Ecomms is a social marketing and communication agency specialised on sustainable development. Our mission is to design and implement solutions that link the social, economic and environmental strategy of your organisation. We add value to your products and services and help you achieve the right balance within your triple bottom line. Our vision is to close the gap between the principles and the actions towards sustainability, raise awareness, build capacities and foster the adoption of economically viable and environmentally friendly tools.

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.


61 403 350 037

Coal Point 2283, Lake Macquarie

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